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Alan Riker Family Pictures: (Click on pictures to view larger ones)

Alayna && Mary 95 Two cousins Walt Disney World 97 Walt Disney World (Oct 97) 
(They turned the castle into a huge Birthday Cake)
Mary 96 Mary 5 pictures of Katie Kate's first pictures
Mary 96 Mary Katie 7-97 A big happy smiling baby
Mary 97 Mary on the lawn Katie 9-97 Katie at 7 months (Sept 97)
Jade,Alayna, Mary && Katie 97 Cousins on couch an old  family picture
Christmas 97 - Mary and Katie Kate 2-98 Kate, Feb 98
Mary && friend on steps A not-so-good
picture of our
"new" townhouse
family498-sm.jpg (2863 bytes) Family picture 4/98
kate498-sm.jpg (2231 bytes) Kate 4/98 marykate498-sm.jpg (2108 bytes) Mary & Kate 4/98
atr-1stgrade-sm.jpg (3008 bytes) Someone's 1st grade picture