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Sarah14sm.jpg (2135 bytes)We have a new family member!  Sarah Michelle!
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About the rest of us: 

I am from Rochester NY. My lovely wife is also from Rochester, well, she's mostly from there.  She did move around a bit. 

We both graduated from BYU in Provo, Utah.  I received a B.S. in Facility Management. And she received a B.S. in Sociology. 

I started working at Franklin Quest (now Franklin Covey) in Salt Lake City, as their Facility Planner, but soon jumped to Novell, Inc, which I thought was a better situation.  It turns out that I ended up on the wrong side of a budget cut (last in, first out).  I then worked for Howells Systems, an office furniture dealer in SLC.  Since I enjoy Facility Management computer automation, I went to work for Booz-Allen & Hamilton (check out the website that I coded)  We now live in Herndon, VA. near Washington, D.C.  Last year we bought a townhouse.  See picture below.  (email or call for our new address)  We just had our third child, SarahMary started Kindergarten this year and is loving it.  Kate just continues acting cute day after day.    How lucky are we?

Family Picture Gallery:

Here are some Older Pictures you can look at.  The latest ones are here.

Internet places to visit:

The Riker Family site.
Tim's World (my brother) and his bookmarks.
The Bria Family site.
Here are my Netscape Bookmarks
A BYU info site, Ysite. Check out BYU's Cougar Sports Network too.  Go Cougars!!

Facility Management related sites:

International Facility Management Association IFMA
Capital Chapter of IFMA website
FMLink.com , FacilitiesNet. and of course...
Booz Allen's Facilities Stratigies & Operations site.

Car(want to go for a drive?)

My off-site email: ariker@sisna.com (I check this one once or twice a week)
My office email: rikera@bah.com (I check this one regularly)

I used to have other locations for this site.  Now it is at: http://rikers.org/Alan
The old ones were, for those that are interested...
http://members.aol.com/alanriker or https://members.tripod.com/ariker/

last updated May 17, 1999